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Hot Tub
2100 x 2100 x 900mm
5.5 HP Pumps
75 Jets, LED Light:18
6 Adults
Hot Tub
2240 x 2240 x 900mm
6 HP Pumps
86 Jets, LED Light:6
6 Adults
Hot Tub
2100 x 2300 x 910mm
5 HP Pumps
78 Jets, LED Light:16
6 Adults
Hot Tub
2100 x 1500 x 910 mm
3.5 HP pumps
35 Jets, LED Light:9
3 Adults
Hot Tub
2240 x 2240 x 860mm
10 HP Pumps
100 Jets, LED Light:48
6 Adults
Hot Tub
2200 x 2100 x 940mm
8.5 HP Pumps
81 Jets, LED Light:27
6 Adults
Infrared Sauna Room Infrared Sauna Room Infrared Sauna Room Sauna & Steam Shower
900 x 1050 x 1900 mm 1200 x 1050 x 1900 mm 1200 x 1200 x 1900 mm 1800 x 1000 x 2200 mm
Sauna Room Sale
steam shower room steam shower steam shower sauna & steam shower
960 x 960 x 2150 mm / 6 Jets 900 x 900 x 2150 mm / 6 Jets 1060 x 1060 x 2150mm / 6 Jets 1800 x 1000 x 2200 mm
Steam Shower Sale
Swim Spa swim spa
8 HP Pumps
91 Jets, 8 Seats
32" Waterproof TV
swim spa
11.1 HP Pumps
79 Jets, LED Light:23
LED Light:23
Swim Spa swim spa
14.9 HP Pumps
90 Jets, LED Light:30
LED Light:30
Swim Spa
17.9 HP Pumps
128 Jets,LED Light:25
LED Light:25
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Hot Tubs to help you relax

A hot tub can be defined as a large tub designed for relaxation purposes. It is much more than an oversized bathtub filled with hot water and has been in use for many, many years as a proven stress buster. The many benefits of these miracle machines don’t stop at your backyard where you put an end to long hard days of work. While you were enjoying a leisurely soak with your favourite book at hand, hot tubs have managed to make their way as treatment options in therapists’ offices and rehabilitation centres across the world. From hydrotherapy to substance withdrawal, a hot tub is very well capable of providing medication as well as relaxation.

Several different types of hot tubs are readily available in many retail outlets including our own site. Some are designed for indoor use while others are specially designed to be positioned outdoors. Depending on your preferences, limitations and availability, you can purchase the exact right hot tub from the many variations that are powered by electricity, solar energy or gas.

Here at Blue Whale Spa, we have an impressive range of products for you to select from. Whether you are searching for the perfect swim spa, the queen of all hot tubs for your backyard or even a small tub that you can enjoy in the privacy of your bathroom, we have plenty of products on our range to fulfil all of those requirements. So, what are you waiting for? The perfect hot tub is waiting for you!

Infrared Sauna Rooms and their many benefits

By definition, an infrared sauna room is an enclosure that generates heat with the aid of infrared waves and disperses them throughout the chamber via tubes. Unlike traditional sauna’s that involved steam, an infrared sauna works with infrared rays to provide heat therapy for your troubled tendons.

Looking for the perfect infrared sauna room? Then you are in luck as here at Blue Whale Spa, you can purchase a sauna for your residence to melt all those worries away and to keep your muscles healthy and in perfect working condition. Our range of products is a wide and varied one where that absolute perfect sauna, complete with all of your requirements may be found.

Although you may feel slightly intimidated with the idea of stepping in to a chamber full of electromagnetic rays, infrared saunas are proven methods of therapy that has been accepted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The heat emitted by infrared rays is a safe option that is even trusted to be used in the incubators to keep newborns and prematurely born children warm.

The many benefits of infrared therapy include relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis, stress and even chronic heart failure. Feel like taking some of these incredible benefits to your home? Then browse through our extensive products range full of the highest quality hot tubs and infrared saunas to find the perfect fit for you.

Hot Tub - Steam showers to vaporize those worries away

A steam shower combines the properties of a sauna and a shower: they are a shower that works with water vapour instead of the liquid form. However, by functionality and appearance, they resemble saunas more than actual showers. A steam shower is designed to be an entire chamber where the steam created within a steam generator is dehumidified and served. At Blue Whale Spa, steam showers can be purchased in a wide range of varieties that range from single person shower cubicles to chambers that can hold several people at once.

But, let’s not forget about the many health benefits of steam showers as they are just as numerous and varied as the many different features available in the showers. For instance, steam therapy is very well known to be a stress reliever. With additional features such as rain showers, foot massagers and even waterproof TVs as well as radios, steam showers are fully equipped to make all those worries go away at the touch of a button.

Swim spas – treadmills for swimmers

A swim spa can be defined as a device that offers aerobic exercises as well as hydrotherapy options at the same time. For professional swimmers swim spas are the ideal solution to keep them on the best shape as well as to develop their technique. For someone in search for the swimming experience from the comfort of their homes and where the available space may be limited. A swim spa takes up a fraction of the space that is required for a fully fledged swimming pool but with the clever use of water jets, it will provide you with the exact workout you will get from swimming in a regular pool. Taking up a couple of additional square feet more than your average hot tub, a swim spa is truly a small package loaded with surprises.

The wide variety among the different models of swim spas that are available in the market allows users to select the ideal option to suit their needs. Mainly, there are swim spas that are built in to the ground and ones that are constructed above the ground. In addition, there is also a lot of variation among the materials the spa is built from. Fiberglass, stainless steel and acrylic are among the most popular materials for swim spa construction and are also well known for their sleek and modern appearance. An added bonus is the fact that you can use your swim spa as a hot tub with some adjustments to the water jets.

Blue Whale Spa for your ultimate comfort

At Blue Whale Spa, you will have no worries deciding on the just right swim spa for your residence or commercial establishment. With our incredible collection, all of your requirements will be fulfilled all the time.

Blue Whale Spa is where all of your luxurious water therapy equipment can be found at reasonable prices. From hot tubs and steam showers all the way to swim spas and infrared sauna chambers, our extensive product range covers everything you need to convert your residence in to the lap of luxury.


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